portada web 20211017

portada web 20211017
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (left, image from Mogana Das Murtey) and Oenococcus oeni (right, image from Fabio Coloretti), the two microorganisms with which the group works the most


Our group offers services and experimental and bibliographic studies to food industries such as cellars, related with microorganisms, especially:
-Molecular identification of wine microorganisms and from other fermented food.
-Studies of diversity and dynamics of microbiota in food fermentation, including metagenomics techniques.
-Screening and selection of microbial starters. We have already two patented S. cerevisiae for wine, with one commercialized: Lalvin Clos from Lallemand. 
-We have also an extensive culture collection of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, and these last are one of the collections (named BL-URV-Tarragona) of the Spanish Network of Microorganisms (REDESMI-MicroBioSpain).

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