Jenny, melatonina, Aitor, no-Sac-MLF

Jenny, melatonina, Aitor, no-Sac-MLF
Jennifer Vázquez, melatonin study, Aitor Balmaseda, and influence of non-Saccharomyces on malolactic fermentation


Our group offers services and experimental and bibliographic studies to food industries such as cellars, related with microorganisms, especially:
-Molecular identification of wine microorganisms and from other fermented food.
-Studies of diversity and dynamics of microbiota in food fermentation, including metagenomics techniques.
-Screening and selection of microbial starters. We have already two patented S. cerevisiae for wine, with one commercialized: Lalvin Clos from Lallemand. 
-We have also an extensive culture collection of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, and these last are one of the collections (named BL-URV-Tarragona) of the Spanish Network of Microorganisms (REDESMI-MicroBioSpain).

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